The town of Zrenjanin (where I’m come from) in Serbia, during the ’90 and ’00, the period of wars, bombings, transitions, becoming a desert.
Who ever can left Zrenjanin, left it.
Population is decreasing there.
Decreasing number of pupils in schools there.
Decreasing number of my friends there.
Decreasing number of my family members there .
Decreasing number of factories and working places there.
My home town becoming a desert.
The video is taken on place for digging the sand out of the ground. The huge “mountains” of a sand is all around that place. That place is in Zrenjanin suburb. “Actors” are my friends and me.
This work is the way I see my hometown become a desert.

This is the video (and audio) I made on LPM festival in Rome, 2012.
Basically it is 2 clips and 2 audio files "chopped" live, so that one sound and one video is simultaneously jumping trough timeline in different ways, like the other video and other sound.
Enjoy !


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