Produced by: Tapiwa Chipfupa Arcada/Afda/Wits
directed by: Anna-Sofia Nylund, Samantha Nell, Mark Middlewick
Written by: Samantha Nell, Mark Middlewick
Sound design by: Ludvig Allén
Music by: Ludvig Allén
Edited by: Mark Middlewick
Animation: Samantha Nell

A Kosovo Fairytale is a touching message for the little brother, so that he could understand the tough decision his family made – they fled to Finland, but he was left in Kosovo. The skilled animation tells the story of a happy family in the midst of war. Even if Finland is good, the family’s worry for the one left behind does not ease. The film illustrates collective pain and provides an intimate picture of one of Kosovo’s numerous human tragedies

Doc Point 2010

Kettupaivat (national shortfilm festival Fin)
DocPoint (Fin)
Tampere Film Festival (Fin) Winner of student prize
Artisokka -Helsinki woman film festival (Fin)
Women of the Sun film festival (SA)
aye aye film festival (FRA)
Artova Film festival (FIN) honor prize
Love and Anarchy (FIN)
Doc Leipzig Festival (GER)
Con Can movie festival (JAPAN)
October filmfest (FIN)
Tempo Festival (SVE)
Monstra Festival (POR)


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