Containers )'(Burning Man 2013: Cargo Cult)'(
BMIR - Burning Man Informational Radio Photomontage
Black Rock City 2013.
Photo/Edit: Todd Raviotta
ARRIVAL ON PLAYA footage starts 5:00

Intro Titles 00:00
California Love - 2pac and Dr Dre (Psymbionic Remix) 00:20
Pack roof container
Fly west RIC-ORD-SFO
BART Oakland OSA
Betti Ono Gallery
Bayview Castro Mission Vertigo Baker Beach
shop Haight Oakland Vulcan
Beer Mission SF Center
Sutro Bathhouse ruins Pacific
Leaving CA
TOTORO (GrizzlyJ Remix) 4:08
Reno Empire Gerlach NV Water
Playa 5:00
gate Storm esplanade
BMIR 6:00
Man Temple
BMIR on air
Overture Lawrence of Arabia - Maurice Jarre
Night temple build 6:45
Deep Playa & Bijou build
shade structures
Antenna 7:45
Desert - Can 8:00
BMIR Meeting 8:05
Deck build Winchester Art 1stcamp
Camp Life
Ministry Diablo 9:25
Sew Night Lights
BMIR meeting
MrJennings&CaptainCluck 10:30
Hoshi Eno Tabiji (Journey to the Stars)- Takeshi Terauchi
DMV Cradle of Mir
BMIR meeting
Doughnuts EarthGuardians
Yellow Bike Ride 11:23
Center Camp 12:31
singing 12:55
"Iko Iko" The Dixie Cups x Diplo vs santogold 13:30
"you are here" disinformation sign
DMV zanzibar Dustfish Bubbles&Bass
Kanizzle@Dancetronauts 14:04
TruthIsBeauty 14:38
IchthyosaurPuppet 14:42
BMIR portrait 14:51
PreacherKatie 14:45
Never Forget - Kuhn 15:51
Everywhere DPW installation Lamplighters BWB
Fireworks AbbyNightingale BMIR 16:21
LoboMarino 17:03
BLM LipBalm
Everyday@Bubbles&Bass MrJennings fire 17:41
MrJennings@Camp Tetrion Cody Fire 17:46
BMIR Meeting
Home 18:06
MansonianInstitute 18:21
Davina 18:34
RockstarLibrarian BMIR 18:52
BWB cook 18:55
Mr Jennings@Gypsy Nebula
Rising Sign (Mr Jennings Remix) - Dubvirus 19:02
Dubvirus@GypsyNebula 19:48
BMIR Davina
Love Nation CleuCamp BlackRockEducatorsConsortium BREC 20:10
Rabbit 20:20
DPW moop crawl
Global Wheeler AfirkaBurn Book 20:47
BWB KangarooRat Rescue Earth Guardians
LuxModerna@FractalPlanet Flaming Merkabah 21:03
Boliyaan - WALA excerpt WALA Live at Burning Man 2013 22:05
Wala&Jpod@Sacred Spaces 22:15
MajorLazer@Osiris Playa art 22:25
Desert Forest
Black Rock Bijou 22:40
80sMusic@BMIR 23:00
Ball of Fire - Gene Krupa (Mr Jennings remix) 23:43
Scott London Photos Jex Imé & MrJennings 23:59
Man spaceship Zoetropes 24:39
DragonRide 25:03
ScreenPrints BWB 25:35
Cradle of Mir 25:42
Billion Bunny March BMIR 25:49
CORE Burn prep duststorm BLM EMS Temple service 26:00
Excerpt Live at Hookahdome,Burning Man
Kanizzle 26:56
Billion Bunnies 27:03
AerialSilks@Sakénoma Lei Lei de Kirby Sasha 27:10
BWB COREburn 27:48
MrJennings@Dustfish 28:28
Number 2 - Mr Jennings(Dubvirus Remix) 28:34
Davina Rides 29:00
Party reVITALizeDesertDiscoBall 29:39
BRC 29:57
Heart Temple Opiuo@Apex Homouroboros
Dreams of the Last Butterflies 30:31
sunrise 30:40
BMIR Jerk Church Cameras 31:30
Excerpt Live at Hookahdome Burning Man Kanizzle 31:31
Heros and Super Villains Superpowers
PopCart Tina&Aaron wedding 31:40
Burning Cradle of Mir 32:02
AfrikaburnFireCollective VLAM I STOF 32:09
Ashram Galactica
MrJennings@RedNoseDistrict 32:33
Kanizzle @Hookahdome 32:44
Andreilien@FractalPlanet 33:01
Lizzy TRex
Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band 33:22
Aaron&Tina dance 33:47
Read A Book>Wouldnt it be Nice
Blast Off - Minnesota & G Jones 35:38
BRC Airport Center Camp 36:04
People of Burning Man Book
Temple Visit & Leavings 36:18
Man Ranger Parameter 36:31
arms Raise 37:05
BMIR 37:24
fireworks 37:40
Boom 38:56
Man Burns
Jex&Drex Fire@FractalPlanet 40:52
JoroBoro@HookahDome 40:59
Dubvirus@Basshenge 41:09
Minnesota&GJones@CampQuestionmark 41:17
Follow You Follow Me(45 Version) - Genesis 41:33
Black Rock City Airport
Fly over BRC 41:58
lost&found BMIR clean up 42:48
whiteout crash
Danger Ranger BMIR 43:21
Singularity - Lux Moderna 45:55
Sunset smoldering
Temple Burn 46:06
BMIR center camp makeup lost keys 47:21
BRC pop: 67,926
Last party w/Dragon 47:40
Hands in Temple ashes 47:50
LuxModern@FractalPlanet 48:09
Fallín'- De La Soul,Jeff Lynne,Teenage Fanclub&TomPetty 48:25
BMIR camp packing up
lost&found phone 48:42
commissary BMIR lounge
Mark Peanuts piano Snoopy Dance 49:41
BMIRunplug 50:50
antenna pack containers 51:00
Cloud Shadows featuring V:Shal Kanwar - Subatomica 51:16
leave BRC 51:43
Wed.Sept.3 - Sept.7
Reno Pegs Tire 52:02
Sierra Hot Springs 52:17
Russian River 52:29
SF Center BreakIn Brunch 52:30
DeadHouse Ashbury
Fly SFO-ORD-RIC 52:50
RVA 53:03
Reinhold & Faith Bday PLF
Unwrap camera computer
James River
Conway roof container back
Credits 53:26


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