Choreography/Set/Costumes: Marcel Leemann
Dancers: Azusa Nishimura, Eugene W. Rhodes III., Kana Ote, Emma Ribbing, Mariusz Jedrzejewski
Projection and Music: Iker Gomez de la Hoz
Light: Markus Mathis

With three women and two men, Leemann demonstrates where dance is going - directly onto the butcher’s counter. The choreography explores the ingratiation and selling of oneself. The performers vie for who is the best piece of meat. The Polish dancer Mariusz Jedrzejewski claims he can’t actually dance. He is a chemist who is good at mixing chemicals and an even better windsurfer. A windsurfer from the Polish Olympic team! Nishimura amazes with her never-ending strength and power. Her physical abilities are impressive and her thirst for refreshments, understandable. Leemann’s “Meat Market” leaves the audience open mouthed – he delivers the good stuff.


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