Break My Soul performed live at Audioriver Festival in Poland, 6th of August 2010.

After 5 hours in the van (the driver went the wrong way) in staggering heat (air-con malfunction) with Chris threatening to remove his trousers (Charlotte notices small hammer marked 'in emergency, break glass'), we finally arrived for sound-check in the mother of all storms which had been chasing us all the way from Warsaw.

Lightning, thunder, wind and huge fat lumps of rain hit the festival like a wet sponge and as we all ran around the stage like headless chickens pelted by wet sponges and trying desperately to cover all our equipment from the driving rain, a rather large Red Bull tent rolled past the main stage like a gigantic tumbleweed and one side of our stage was blown down. We lost a piano which blew up in the rain and the big LED wall at the back had a crisis and decided it no longer wanted to be an LED wall and promptly died but eventually the storm subsided, Chris didn’t in fact remove his trousers and the rain blew away. Hallelujah. Bloody marvellous!

So Mike has edited together some of the footage from the gig and here we are playing Break My Soul to a sensational and perhaps slightly soggy crowd. We had so much fun, thank you people of Plock. One of the best festivals to date!

For more information please go to the band's website


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