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The Volkswagen and Audi tuning scene has had many styles, phases, and trends come and go. As of lately, there has been a movement of people who think it's cool to make their cars pretty much non-functional to drive (suspension-wise) and dump a lot of time and money into ruining a car that has the potential to be so much more.

This video is about a vehicle that has been revived from the dead into a machine of performance, class, and beauty. This car embodies the timeless style of what a proper MK2 GTI (or modified Volkswagen in general) has always been destined to be.

This car was built with blood and sweat over a course of five years, not a single bolt unturned by it's owner.

This is Jason Rivkin's Supercharged 1987 VW GTI VR6.

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j vimeo.com/47765846

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