The TV station was looking for a studio that could develop an brand image that would show mutation and speed breaking through the screen with a hand made, unfinished DIY style.
In the process, ND used the codes to decompose, disintegrate and collision all the video and still elements that came from the stations shows. ND generated more than 200 clips that we called "Graphic Artillery" and that would be recombined and integrated into new compositions of branding, idents and bumpers.
The idea was to generate a 2.0 DIY project based on experimental digital processes as a contemporary expression. As a result, the clips developed as a "Graphic Artillery" are combined into a wide range of editable after effects projects that can be operated within the TV station and can evolve infinitely.

"The project No-Domain have developed responds to the fragmentation, break down, detachment and intervention of media (images, graphics, etc). And once the media has been synthesized into its most elemental structure and manipulated and altered, a collision between them has been created, reaching erratic and anguishing images that are visually spectacular. This is the so called Graphic Artillery that has been used as a starting point to develop the whole collection of pieces."
Xavi Figueras, Director of 3XL

Directed by No-Domain

TV3 / 3XL

Creative Director:
Joaquín Urbina

Production Company:
8 de Agosto, No-Domain

Art Direction:

Joaquín Urbina
Ibran Trasierra (no-domain)
Ana Gale
Marta Veludo (no-domain)
Nelson Martinez (no-domain)

Sebastian Baptista and Salva Borrego

and Experimental animation:
Joaquín Urbina
Ana Gale
Ibran Trasierra (no-domain)
Nelson Martínez (no-domain)

Lorena Medina (no-domain)
Carolina Lopez

David Bustamante

Montage Music:
Tonto by Battles (Four Tet Remix)

Selected and reviewed:
40 Fakes


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