A clip from High Sierra - A Journey on the John Muir Trail

I asked Yosemite National Park Ranger, Shelton Johnson... How is it that John Muir could survive in the wilderness for days on only tea and bread... this was his response.

There's different kinds of nourishment. You know, there's nourishment that comes from food, there's nourishment that comes with friendship, companionship... but there's also nourishment that comes from the things that you see that are wild or on the wing that move by. I mean like for John Muir the waterfowl that just flew by, those ducks, that was nourishment of a sort. The wind that's blowing around us right now, that warm, kind of coolish warm breeze, that was nourishment for the soul and the spirit of John Muir. So, I think the reason that he didn't have much with him, was because he was being fed in other ways. He was receiving nourishment in other ways. So, yeah, he didn't have much with him, but why would he when he's walking through and environment that's sustaining him.

j vimeo.com/64515713

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