Buy the nude art book here: - Featuring the lovely Kaiman for Miss Lonely, Volume One. - percentage of each book goes to help fight human trafficking. Music by Asher Moss

Miss Lonely is the girl who possesses an unusual amount of attraction while slipping through the crack of the worlds ideal of modern beauty. This book is about leaving women as women. Not fixing them or what the world has come to understand as problems, but letting them remain as they are therein glorifying the imperfection. If there is one thing I despise about the digital age of photography, it’s the ability to control how a woman looks, where her breasts fall, how her skin curls on her tummy or how big or small a certain part of her body is. If there were a time for restoring the lost love of a woman’s authentic body, then let it be now. I want to be clear; I understand there is a line between beauty and normalcy and that beauty is not scientific but mathematical. I am all for keeping things beautiful, but there has got to be a conviction to deliver beauty authentically or we are building a world based on something so curiously unreal that no one would believe it otherwise. Miss Lonely is not about exploitation, but celebration. LET THEM BE, AND LET THEM BE FREE.

Music & Film by Asher Moss


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