An episcopic (opaque object) projection work in two adjoining rooms with a hole cut in the separating wall for the lens to fit through.

By using the most direct projection method possible the rough and mundane is transformed purely through a play of light and the projected image exists in the present with no recording or re-presentation. When an object becomes purely a reflection of light, detached from its context, one can look anew, unburdened of expectations and prior experiences. The image is de-located: symbolic, hypnotic and otherworldly:

''The Artist has transformed the simple can by low-tech - but almost alchemical means - into an object of great beauty and mystery'' Dr Virginia Button, Author of ' The Turner Prize'

(Metal Halide spotlights, 2.5L Paint Can, 1rpm Turntable, Lighting Stand, Cotton Fabric, Barco Lens)


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