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What of time if not its quality.

A terrestrial character is one caught in an act of re-composition-evolution, reminiscence and alienation. When updating its thought/motion, the body moves within rhythmic articulations of colour and intensity, as though masterfully attempting to balance what it is, what it has been, and what it could be. It seems to maintain itself by virtue of its intrinsic instability. It is in the precariousness of its sustainability that it finds balance. It aims at what is essential for purity of form, where the content of a rebirth knows how to leave an impression. A movement of both the body and the mind which constantly renews imagery in order to not remain imprisoned in the past. It opens itself to the elliptical possibilities offered by human biological memory and its own terrestrial nature. It follows nonlinear trajectories of variable velocities. Its very presence is fluid and marks the time of the dialogue with memory which spills over and returns to pronounce interstices, extensions of the spinal column, as well as deployment and vacillation of the limbs.

What of space if not is quantity.

In a place which is at ease with saturation, uniform in the non homogeneity of its shapes, in a continuous state of overturning the zenith and the nadir, memory marks out its area of representation with movement but does not allow a glimpse of even (virtual) possibilities of where its representation could end. In fact, in its spatial quantification, memory behaves in such a way as to choose, divide and pervade some of the images generated by biological memory, and updates them in a single place. In a causality which is by no means chaotic, where the potential of action is never fully clarified, memory feels itself to be free from the limitations forced upon it by the interaction between a body and a demarcated space, free from the limitations forced upon it by the interaction between a thought and its (pre)determined past, and it can finally try to represent itself.

Authors: Maria Celeste Taliani, Simona Bertozzi, Marcello Briguglio
Director: Maria Celeste Taliani
Choreographer and dancer: Simona Bertozzi
Sound designer :Roberto Passuti
Light designer: Marco Cavallo – Dominga Colonna
Producers: Riccione TTV

j vimeo.com/4529778

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