Los Altos Forward sponsored a Los Altos City Council Candidates Forum Sept. 27 at Eagle Auditorium. It featured candidates Jon Baer, Jeannie Bruins, Anabel Pelham, Jan Pepper, Megan Satterlee, and Jerry Sorensen and interviewers Deigo Abeelos of the Town Crier, and Dave Price of the Daily Post. Part 3 of 3. It featured audience participation through polling and electronic submissions of questions for the candidates.
- Good quality audio starts after 15 seconds of credits.

01:10 Dave Price, Daily Post Q. Kim Cranston is sueing the city to obtain a memo by former city development direction Anne Stedler. Cranston claims it will show that other developers besides Jeff Morris were interested in the city property at First and Main. Do you approve the release of the memo?

02:15 Megan Satterlee...No, a chilling effect on employees...
03:10 Jan Pepper..the law says release..with redacting if parts are confidential
04:00 Jeannie Bruins... release with redacting....
04:50 Anabel Pelham .. release
05:10 Jerry Sorensen...Yes, release. Should have been released before the Sept. 25 vote to approve the project and now should be released before the Nov. 6 election
06:15 Jon Baer... I've not see the memo...follow the law [sic as advised by city attorney]

07:45 Where else besides 170 State do see potential for public private partnerships

13:20 What should the City do to help the District find a10th site? Is Hillview out of the question?

16:20 Jerry Sorensen... the city's terrible response to the school district was the final issue that caused me to decide to run for council!

20:00 Are there any other creative solutions to the school district's facilities problems besides a 10th site? The school bond poll showed the voters don't want to pay for a 10th site for now.

28:00 Where else to we need TLC applied to increase vibrancy? ... Loyola Corners ...

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