Kaly Live Dub - Allaxis
Official Music Video - Animation
Listen and buy here : cd1d.com/fr/album/allaxis

A roadtrip in california, in an old blue car. A very weird passenger appears and transforms himself as the driver remembers his past...

Making-of available here : wasaru.com/music-video/making-of-allaxis
Festivals selection and awards list : wasaru.com/music-video/kaly-live-dub-allaxis

Directed by Wasaru - wasaru.com
Animation :
David Cazeaux - dcazeaux.blogspot.fr/
David Decobert
Marion Delannoy
Jean-Philippe Florin - calicobubba.com/
Illustrations : Jérémy Couturier - Jébédaï - whozjebedai.blogspot.fr
Car consultant & vectorization : Kurt602 - kurt602.fr
Compositing consultant : Duduf - duduf.net
Producer consultant & Food supplier: Kathrin Wczasek
3D consultant : Sylvain Kauffmann
Executive consultants : Clint Kallaghan & Alan Smithee
Label : Jarring Effects
2013 - ©

j vimeo.com/74333429

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