SO! Tel-Aviv is celebrating it's 100th year in existence. not too shabby.
As is the case with these things, someone came up with the idea of making a documentary about it. A little love/hate song for the city that never sleeps.
Then someone thought it'd be cool if they asked us to do the opening titles. We said yeah sure why not.
Small gesture to the city we love!

Because the documentary sort of dealt with the making-of the city, the decision was to parallel this by creating a
title sequence which will itself use "making-of" aesthetics. The kind usually shown along finished installations.

In this case the installation was to be a scaled down, abstract architectural model of Tel-Aviv. Including landmarks that had significant historic and cultural value, especially ones that would capture the spirit of the time they were built in.

Great fun :)

Concept & Direction: Liron Damir & Ori Succari
Design & 3D Animation: Liron Damir
Compositing: Shahar Brill


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