Kasega is a small village in Kayunga district not far from the Nile River. Calvary Chapel Kasega is home to a small congregation of 60 families; as well as a thriving school for 250 children and a small clinic that provides healthcare for the area. The Ugandan Water Project partnered with HeavensFamily.org to provide a Rainwater Catchment System that now supplies this facility with clean drinking water.
The rainwater, combined with the, Sawyer Point One filtration system, is bringing new life to these beautiful people. This simple solution was made possible by people like you, making the profound decision to contribute together and show love and compassion to those in need.
$3,500 is all it took to change this community forever. The Ugandan Water Project is looking for people like you to help bring this same kind of hope and provision to hundreds of more villages like Kasega.
Poverty floats on dirty water...clean water falls from the sky. What will you do?
Give Water. Give Life.

j vimeo.com/62463217

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