"Airborne Beats is a music sequencer demo that is operable entirely by gesturing mid-air in front of a computer hooked up to Kinect or OpenNI-compatible IR sensor. Users are able to drift around the app, grabbing, dragging, and releasing audio samples onto a grid. You can also draw automation curves across a track to control things like volume over time. There are a number of gestures for play, pause, and volume control that can be performed at any point in the experience. In that sense, the application is performative, yet also compositional. This demo was programmed in C++, using g-speak ( from oblong.com ) for computer vision, and Cinder for the graphics. For the most-part, the demo was designed and developed by a single person.

Tim Stutts, Interaction Designer / Programmer
Site: pushpopdesign.com
Blog: timstutts.com

j vimeo.com/53544151

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