Machine Project August 23, 2012
Telepathic Double Feature

Appointment based telepathic drawing sessions between your pet and Lauren von Gogh, a founding member of the Sober & Lonely Institute of Contemporary Art, were made available at Machine on August 23, 2012. Based on the scientific investigations of Karl Krall in the early 1900s, von Gogh was channeling the unspoken thoughts of pets into watercolor abstractions. All species of pet were welcome.

Telepathic pet drawings were followed by a performance from Ezra Buchla, Luke Fischbeck and Corey Fogel of Frederic Rzewski’s Spacecraft. In the section performed, “Plan for Spacecraft”, Rzewski conceived of a musical performance in which the thoughts between the performers travel through a mutual labyrinth to break through the conventions held by thoughts of the audience.

Camera: Emily Lacy, Ian Byers-Gamber
Editor: Kate Parsons


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