Last night dad had one of his spells so of course the entire house was in an uproar. Mom's in the bedroom, who knows where my sister hid herself this time...she is very good at that.

Sometimes I think my Dad is insane, like he just makes up stuff but he believes it.

Why would he get so mad at Mom for going in his office? He lets the kid play there...maybe he is crazy...

Last night I swear the house was so hot that I could not breathe but then it was like the house began to breathe for me...strange...I cannot stand for fabric to touch my body as it becomes wet and uncomfortable. Maybe I am sick but it really doesn't feel like that. A couple of nights ago I put on some jeans and slipped out the felt good to walk. It is still hot in my room and in my body, I feel like sex, weird, I hope I am not the Son of Sam....haha.

Anyway deep in the night I was haunted by this need to have my old records and albums but I do not have a record player anymore and the box with the records is somewhere in the basement, plus it just seemed like to much trouble but like I said I was haunted...maybe after school I will get down there and see...

It is lucky for me that we moved here, I found this diary in the closet...have not read it yet but it gave me the idea to record my thoughts. I want to change and be more like everyone I went to the mall and bought all new clothes.

Mom tagged along and together we bought what we saw everyone else wearing (kind of gross but I think I can pull it off...not sure about the yellow shirt). Went to SuperCuts and had them style my here I go.

I am wondering about something my mom said... she says I have been screaming in my room in the night. Maybe screaming is like snoring and you do not know you are doing it but I really do not think that is the case. Seems everyone in the house jokes about it, but now they are getting annoyed... whatever!

I have no dreams bad or good so why would I scream? I feel as my body is changing and it has something to do with my sleep... I know that is strange... can guys be anorexic? I seem to be losing my desire to eat.

Last night I slept in the closet as that was the only place that I could relax enough to sleep...
Is this strange? It is just my life.

Have to read that diary...keep forgetting...maybe tomorrow...time for school.

Let's pretend to be happy. Oh! Mom said I can buy a car!!!!! Note to self: look in the paper for a car. only a couple more days on the bus...with the Nelly Olsen Twins!


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