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Many years ago when I was starting teaching classical guitar I bought a book called "Leichte Folklorestücke für Gitarre" (Edition Ricordi) in a music store in Copenhagen with pieces for my students. Beautiful pieces! Simple and yet so idiomatic for the guitar. My students loved them as well and since then I have always bought/ordered music from this composer.
Her name is Maria Linnemann.
Maria is a very special person. She can do so many things I cannot start to mention them here. Languages, drawings, play the piano and guitar very well. And last but not least: compose! I love all her pieces and am happy every time she publishes a new book or piece. She has been so kind to dedicate many of her pieces to friends and family and I am honoured to be the one she dedicated her "Soledad" to.
In October 2008, while in Miami Beach, I received a mail from her that made me think a lot. I decided to compose a piece for her as a "thank you". I know I speak for many when I say "Thank you for all your beautiful music Maria". We hope you will compose many more in the time coming. With this "Fragments of a Lifetime" I will express my thanks to you. I hope you will like it as much as I Iike your music.
Hugs, Peo

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