I spammed Mickael with my tunes over our intranet as colleagues, which resulted in Mickael taking “By threes” hostage as underlay music for his second injection video. I was overly excited and liked it a lot. Then we got to talk.. about cool projects, touchscreens, lightpainting, cymatics and other healthy hobbies for visual and audiovisual thrillseekers. We decided to start a collective project where music should be cartoonish and video flashy, pulsing and packed with little weird experiments – because we wanted to experiment together in each of our homeworlds, music and eyecandy. First of all – to animate lightpainting.
I was told at a bpm of 187.5 we would be able to bulk cut the video in nice blocks and it would be easy to syncronize. I took my time carefully kissing every little hi-hat had fun recording the basses through a little very angry guitar amp. In parallel we shot pictures in my lab and video around our pretty homecity. I got used to the missing “H” in french ..head banger..nono ed banger.. head? [points].. no.. ED!!!.
Along the way picked up a few tracks and it is in the pipeline as an audiovisual release.

Me :

Such a good time spent with Mads on this project! Nights have been long to take these 2000 pictures to animate the studio but the results were so interesting. The goal was to create a stop motion where framerate and BPM are in relation. Beside that, we decided to shot some real videos in several places of Berlin. I also programmed a processing sketch to create this cubic sound reacting structure. Finally, combining these 3 different worlds during the cut was a fun work.

Video & Light Painting :
Canon EOS 550D - EF 50mm 1:1.8 II / EF-S 18-55mm IS

Animation : Processing

Music : Vertigo by Mads Lindgren a.k.a monolog


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