Erwin Redl
"Sky Bridge Patterns", 2011
light Installation with acrylic and animated RGB LEDs
2 bridges, each 40 x 8 x 20 ft / 12.2 x 2.44 x 6.1 m
Permanent Installation: Liberty Village, Toronto, Canada

The installation transforms the two pedestrian glass bridges into beacons of light reflecting the vibrant activities at King Liberty Village. Each window pane is treated as a tile of a large light mosaic enveloping the people on the bridge. An additional option is to make a window pane 100% transparent by not lighting a particular glass pane.

The light mosaic is displayed on the front (south) and the back (north) windows of the bridges. Each side can display can either be totally transparent or display a color pattern (monochrome, random, geometric, etc). The patterns fade slowly into each other creating a rhythm which breathes a contemplative mood into the surroundings.

Turning panels on and off offers different views of the surrounding landscape to people on the walk way as well as different levels of transparency for viewers from street level looking at the sky bridge.

video courtesy the artist and bitforms gallery nyc


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