TinTin is a classical music video with digital color effects. Or is it?
It takes a while before we realize that color is taking place at a very different level.
The music of Klischée's video clip Tintin uses modern elements to transport classical elements of the Swing era into the present.
Based on this concept, the video flirts with the aesthetics of previous times. The effect is produced by projecting the video onto colored paper that is moved by hand.

Music: Klischée (Dominique Dreier, Kilian Spinnler)
Vocal: Andrina Bollinger
Trumpet: Pascal Fernandes
Regie: Faessler&Horst (faesslerundhorst.ch)
Concept: Gianni Horst, Brigitte Fässler, Benjamin Kniel, William Bejedi
Camera: Brigitte Fässler
Edit: Gianni Horst, Brigitte Fässler & William Bejedi
Light: Mathias Stich (neuerordner.ch)
Cardboard: Jonas Mettler, Benjamin Kniel
Projection: Niculin Barandun (aaawesome.ch)
Handmodels: Seraina Keller & Olivia O'Leary
Production Assistent: Diana Pfammatter, Fabian Zähner
Supported by: Modulwerk (metacomplex.ch)

j vimeo.com/71247406

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