NOTE: Give the video 10 seconds. We had to put ten seconds of black as a bumper at the beginning.

The same crew that will be bringing you "0:22:43" also gives you "12th Street."

This short was created in 10 hours as an entry into the Independent Filmmaker's Coalition of Kansas City's One Night Stand Competition.

The One Night Stand gives filmmaking teams 10 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a no more than 5 minute short film. The 2009 ONS competition required teams to include:

Prop: a piece of paper
Line of dialog: "It's alive, It's alive"
Theme: unrequited love.

This short tied for the Captain's Choice Award after screening in the competition. We are all very proud of the work we did and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

This is uploaded exactly as it was turned in, so there are a few changes to the credits that I failed to insert due to time restraints, so I apologize:

The short was written by Jerry White, Anthony Thompson, and Allie Terveer.

DP stands for Director of Photography, in case you didn't know. I didn't have time to make the long title and my long name look good, so I just substituted DP.

Allie Terveer was also an indispensable member of the editing team.

Thom Proctor composed the music within the 10 hour time limit, so give him a round of applause for that.

Please, leave your comments and questions below and we shall address and answer them.


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