WHAT I DID: Title design, Animation , Graphic Design

The general concept of the documentary was about the stories that a city inspire in every building, every window, every situation and how the screenwriters are sensible to observe and be inspired. I had to print this concept into the title sequence. Also I did the ending credits, cover design and dvd label. Since this was part of a series of documentaries I just followed the guidelines from the last dvd (see Cinematografia Project)

Using the already filmed and edited 16mm footage for the intro, the challenge was visually reinforce the concept without interfering with the beauty of the the footage. Keep it simple.

Using the director handwriting, the idea was to emulate a negative scratching animation technique to blend more seamlessly with the 16mm footage. The drawings on top of the footage tried to highlight the idea of the city as inspiration and each window/frame with its unique stories.

Client: Tango Zulu Filmes
Director/Screenwriter: Lucas Paraizo
Film editor: Luara Oliveira
Sound design: Cristiano Pinheiro
Boom operator: Juliano Zoppi
Cinematography: Rodrigo Pastoriza
Production: Mariana Nunes
Director of production: Juliana Kim
Executive producers: Gabriel Barros, Lucas Paraizo, Tayla Tzirulnik

j vimeo.com/32905460

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