I'm very pleased to share with you my first attempt at a timelapse video! Be sure to turn up the volume and view in HD.

This video documents my first trip out west, where I spent 4 days traveling with one of my best friends 800+ miles around Oregon, trying to see as much of it's beauty as possible in the small time frame that we had. We had many long days of hiking and sleeping in the car and I wouldn't change a minute of it. After that, we ventured up to Canada, where we spent 5 days in a lakeside cabin, with several other photographers. It was heaven. Getting to walk out the door and see a massive lake with mountains on the other side was incredible. We were lucky enough to have a great showing of the Aurora on the next to last night while we were there. It was an experience I'll never forget. There was another display the following night, but the clouds got pretty thick and really hindered that showing.

Ever since I first saw timelapse work from Tom Lowe, a year or so ago, I became fascinated with that field of photography and what it enabled, such as seeing the Milky Way moving across the sky. I've been constantly inspired by other incredibly talented photographers and their timelapse work, such as Sheldon Neill, Eric Hines, Brad Goldpaint, Shawn Reeder, Ole Salomonsen, Terje Sorgjerd, Ben Canales, Drew Geraci, and many more. I owe a big thanks to Sheldon, Drew, Eric, and Sean Parker for giving me some guidance along the way towards creating this video.

Equipment used:
Canon 5DMKII
Canon 16-35LII
Nikon 14-24
After Effects
Premiere Pro

The song used is Sacred Nature, by Paul Cardall. I'm incredibly glad that I stumbled across this song, since it is so beautiful and compliments the video as well as it does.


j vimeo.com/54400762

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