(Latest update: 2012-12-22) Open source download and description at: creativecrash.com/downloads/28693

Video description:
0:00 Use case example 1/3: Sticky lips
- Use envelope over 1.0 for overshooting vertices (to keep lips closed when smoothing the geo)
0:41 Use case example 2/3: Mirror asymmetric geometry
- Remove vertices that should not get deformed with the "Edit Deformers > Edit Membership" tool
- Blend in "Closest Vertex" attribute for tweaking (set to 1.0 when done)
- Adjust falloff ramp for final snapping
1:27 Use case example 3/3: Create proxy geometry (with shape of real geometry, but less polygons for a faster rig)
2:51 Installation
- If you have a matching Operating System / Maya version, use one of the prAttractNode.mll files. If not, use the prAttractNode.py (which is slower)
3:14 Full functionality demo with polygon attractor after executing test-script from prAttractNode.py
4:01 Nurbs curve attractor
4:20 Nurbs surface attractor
4:33 Performance tips
- Paint unaffected vertices with 0.0 to improve calculation speed
- Even better: Remove unaffected vertices with the "Edit Deformers > Edit Membership" tool

j vimeo.com/20002149

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