This video is inspired by Demodern´s „Frozen Moments: TWO THIRDS Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Movie“.
Watch it here:

I tried to archive a perspective feeling with multi-layered images, just like they did.
Every image is matte-painted in photoshop and then brought to after effects by using a nice 3D-alignment script called „pt_multiplane“.

The next step was to animate a virtual camera with enough movement for some parallax stuff.
Last but not least I animated the guys with the puppet tool and brought some movement to them, their shadows and the skateboards.

Optical Flares and a lot of particles should give the impression of a super-duper-ultra-slomo.

You can find a tutorial on how I made this video here:

Most of the pictures are found on the web and then matte-painted by me.
I hope the photographers don´t mind.
Here are the informations I found for the photos:

-Smith Grind | Skater: Houcine Khabbar Photo: tagstersmagazine
-Hardflip | Skater: Isaiah Johnson Photo: Shelby Grimnes
-Kickflip | Skater: Mario Palandeng Photo: R.T
-BS Nosegrind | Skater: David Wohlmann Photo: Marcel Sygula

Song is „Tycho - A Walk“



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