Miss Sarajevo
This compilation of photographs is a tribute to the people of Bosnia, to the some 100,000 people killed, and some 2.3 million refugees displaced by the war between 1992 and 1996, and to the resilience of their human spirit. I photographed this prima ballerina of the Sarajevo Ballet, who went to the war torn dance studio on her own to rehearse, each day during the war, in the midst of full scale shelling attacks, as her means to defeat the war. This became a symbol of the resilience of so many people who simply refused to be defeated by the cruelty the most devastating war in Europe since WWII. This is also a triburte to all of my photographer colleagues who risk their lives and use their photographs to defeat war.
©Photographs by David Turnley, all rights reserved, put to the song Miss Sarajevo with Bono, U2, and Lucien Pavarotti.

j vimeo.com/55779932

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