Teaser for the vvvv workshop 'ROTOMAP 3000' @ NODE13 Forum for Digital Arts taking place from 11th to 17th of February 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany

NODE13: node13.vvvv.org/workshops/
GROSSE8: grosse8.de/G8-LABS

In the past few years, 3d projection mapping has become an inherent feature in global design and client requests providing a new level of augmented reality. So far, methods and techniques have been developed to make projection mapping possible on almost any object.

GROSSE8, a motion design studio from Cologne, has explored and expanded current possibilities and now come up with an advanced mapping system for moving objects.

In a practical setting participants are invited to learn about functionality and technical properties: the combination of stepper motors, rotary encoders, projection mapping, arduino and vvvv

j vimeo.com/55024483

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