Nude women talk about woman, body, equality and science. Listen to the podcast interview with me about this film and NUDE NOT on YouTube (starts at 17:28 in this link:
Read the article about this by U.S. author Mark Storey in NUDE & NATURAL quarterly magazine (autumn 2014 issue:

This piece is played by far the most in the U.S. with over 100 thousand plays. The next most plays in descending order (Top 10) are about 10K per country: USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, India, Turkey, Netherlands and Sweden.

I am happy to announce this film has been viewed in Iran, China and most Arab states including Saudi Arabia (22nd position out of 151 country viewing stat listing), Iraq, Yemen and Pakistan (19th position.) Also viewed in Burma (Myanmar), Brunei and Afghanistan. Also India and Turkey have the 7th and 8th most plays respectively in the country stats list. Also played in the remote Alpine Principality of Liechtenstein.


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Listen to the interview with me on this podcast; my segment begins at about 17:15 in this MP3:

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It was always my intention since concocting this concept in November 2007 to expand this short film into a feature film, with "name" women such as Demi Moore, Yoko Ono, Oprah Winfrey,Tilda Swinton, Madonna and Lady Gaga, for example. And I still think this could happen. All it takes is one person with the power to press the magic button and I'm easy to find. With a proper budget and state-of-the-art equipment, this film could be magnificently magnified to epic proportions. Nude women on each continent. It ain't never been done before!

Directed, written and produced by Thomas Lundy of Lundoxia Pictures, featuring Strasbourg artist Emilie Marçot (

This short film was featured at Docs for Sale 2012 (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam/IDFA,, Estonia's Pärnu International Film Festival 2012 and Germany's ISFF Detmold 2013.


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