Jikho Shin
Wooram Choi
Sunghan Cho

A couple decides to break up one day. They had been dating for many years, however, their little conflict led them to two different ways for a day. They lived a normal daily routine, holding emptiness in their heart. Wherever the woman and the man goes, they end up being in the same places in little time difference. If the woman goes to the cafe to recall their memories, the man comes to the same seat few minutes later, recalling their memories. When he goes to class, they encounter at elevator. Before their awkward moment is gone, they just have to meet in the class. Because of their frequent encounter, The couple couldn’t even endure a day of break up, which brings them to reconciliation
Our project, Reconciliation, contains four major emotions of our lives in one day: love, parting, longing, and happiness. Our memories are made out of those four emotions. If there is no love, there is no happiness, longing or parting. In our lives, we are happened to have a parting time. The important thing in parting is if there is a possibility to get together. We tries to show how sad we could be before the reconciliation or reunion.

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