Just before years end, the CW network approached us to create the promos for the new season of their hit show, America’s Next Top Model. The network had come with a photo shoot of the models already complete,looking to see what could be done. This season’s image campaign explored theidea of ‘folds’ as a conceptual hook and aesthetic.

In our design phase, we explored various directions to articulate the folding concept. We uncovered a range of ideas creating elements from origami to paper folded architecture and using techniques inspired by kaleidoscopes and stop motion. The fashion forward design of the wardrobes from the shoot inspired a modern and artful approach to the overall design direction.

With a limited schedule to produce the project, a well-planned pipeline was an important aspect for us. It allowed us to advance from the design into the post process while remaining rather transparent with the client. From previsualization to final composites we were able to create a clear path of our creative process toward final delivery.

America’s Next Top Model airs on the CW on February, 25.

j vimeo.com/31520436

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