What happens when six determined and talented college-age men and women move to New York to attend a world-class jazz school? How do they adapt to the city, the demands of tough classes, new friendships, love affairs and separation from family as they try to make their way in one of the most competitive musical fields? Viewers watch as the story unfolds while Jazz U follows these individualistic students at the Manhattan School of Music into their rehearsals, dorms and apartments, out to gigs at famed clubs and just around the corner to a local bar to wind down. We see them compete for prestigious combos and gigs, help each other refine their skills, soak in the musical opportunities of NYC and be challenged by its obstacles. We watch the struggles and hear the jazz--the soulful and joyous music that brought them to New York and fulfills and sustains their spirits. These students are fearful and brave in the most transformative moments of their lives. As they strive to become professional jazz musicians, who will succeed and who will fail?

Jazz U is an ongoing series in development by producer Lorne Lieb of Plowshares Media and co-producer/writer Valerie Gladstone. For more information, contact lorne (at) plowsharesmedia.com .

Teaser shot by Jose Ivey
Edited by Gareth Cox

j vimeo.com/12095574

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