Starring: Timmy Cole
Director: Chris Smith
DP: Afshin Shahidi
Custom Music: BREED
Production Company: Sugar
EP, Facilitator, Stroller modifier: Tony Miglini
Edit, FX, Sound: Chris Smith
Add'l clean up and rig removal: Dan Birnbaum
Color Correction: Matt McClain @ Filmworkers Club Dallas

Tech Specs:
Camera: ARRI 235 w/ Kodak 5219 stock
Edited and onlined on Avid|DS

Tony and I (mostly Tony) modified my son's stroller with radio controlled servos to be able to "drive" it. It was constantly creating odd reactions from people. Like when we walked into a hobby shop with the stroller and asked how we can add motors to this. Everyone assumes you intend to have a baby in it so it takes a long explanation that it's for a gag with no child. We tested it on a hill in Dallas and a woman passing by screamed as she saw what appeared to be an out of control stroller. And there was Tony and I with huge smiles because we got the steering and braking working right.


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