For the eigth week of my weekly video poject I decided to take a trip up to Whitelee Windfarm. It's an iconic landmark that I've seen on the horizon from all across Glasgow but this was my first time seeing it up close. Suffice to say it's considerably more impressive when you're standing in the middle of it.

With 215 turbines it's the largest wind farm in Europe and generates up to 539MW of electricity. The turbines themselves are incredibly quiet and there's something almost hypnotic when you see so them silently rotating in unison. As a side note in the final shot of the film you see the view that the turbines have over the west of Scotland and in the distance you can clearly make out Arran.

I shot this on a Canon 7D with my Sigma F1.8 24mm and F2.8 70-200mm, Canon F1.4 50mm, F1.8m 85mm and F3.5-5.6 EF-S 18-135mm lenses.

The music track is entitled "Falling Snow" and is licensed from Audio Network.


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