A Performance/Video Installation with focus on the mental state, created by the over-stimulation of people in Europe.
What did we really lose as Europeans?
I want to focus the course of this live installation on emotional states which causes our reality as Europeans.
I approach this state by creating the content of the installation from emotions such as joy, emptiness.
Our neuronal connection between the lacrimal gland, all readings of the body presence.
*this project will be presented officially in the frame Paralelos, MANIFESTA8. 2010

Concept / Video: Abraham Hurtado
Music : Jan Ferreira
Video DP / Still Photography: Anders Bigum
Format: HD video 30 min loop.
Performance Executed by : Marcel Borràs, Maureen López, Patricio Ramos

Voice Over: Thomas Conway, Sofía Verástegui

Collaborators: Andrés Agudelo (Germany), Féliz Arjona (Spain), Marcel Borràs (Spain), Joris Camelin (France), Martín Gaube (Germany), Hermann Heisig (Germany), Maureen López (Spain), Vania Rovisco (Portugal), Sofía Verástegui (Spain), Gill Viandier (France).

* Presented in Paralelos MANIFESTA8.

Thanks to: Juan Conesa, Thomas Conway, Miguel A. Hernández, Anabel Labrador, Dome Deluxe (Berlín)

j vimeo.com/16367919

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