"la petite mort"
By Jeannette Ginslov

Autopsy: (a.) a personal observation
Eros: (n.) the primordial god of sexual love and beauty

Commissioned by
Danish Dance Theatre

A personal observation of desire, beauty, erotic love and “la petite mort”. Ginslov captures authentic emotions and movement with the medium of Screendance, an interdisciplinary genre of dance and cinema. Using the somatic system of Alba Emoting that trains the performer to elicit raw authentic emotions, the focus is on emotional and kinaesthetic amplification. The film emphasizes affect - a viewer’s empathic and visceral response to the performer and camera dancing together in the sumptuous location of the Sofie Badet in Copenhagen.

Date of completion: November 2011
Length: 07.41
Format: HD

1) World Premiere 09 November 2011, Fallen from Heaven Season Mini Carl in Dansehallerne Foyer, Copenhagen Denmark
2) Sofie Badet, 14 February 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark
3) Loikka Dance Film Festival, 22-25 March 2012, Helsinki Finland
4) Magmart International Video Festival, Naples Italy, 2012
5) Agite y Sirva – festival itinerante de videodanza, throughout Mexico 2012

Jeannette Ginslov
Jeannette Ginslov
Maia Sørensen
Director of Photography
Vahid Evazzadeh

Hand Held shots
Jeannette Ginslov
Jeannette Ginslov
Jeannette Ginslov in collaboration with
dancers from Danish Dance Theatre
Music & Sound
Jørgen Teller
Colorist and Grading
Norman Anthony Nisbet
Xiri Tara
Maxim-Jo Beck McGosh, Minna Berglund, Stefanos Bizas, Fabio Liberti
Assistants on set
Jared Armstrong
Kir Qvortrup
Xiri Tara
Sofie Badet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Gear Hire
doublExpose Ltd, Twenty Four 7, Europ Car hire
Post Production Funds
Dansk Skuespillerforbund
Many thanks
Tim Rushton
James Tayler
Lars Vind-Andersen
Daniel Roberts

Video produced by
Walking Gusto Productions
© 2011

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