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Luke Huxham
Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Colorist
270 minutes is the time it took to drive to Tsukuba Circuit, 420 minutes was spent behind the camera filming the event, 15 minutes was spent drinking 4 liters of liquids and relaxing in the shade away from the blistering heat, 2,520 minutes was spent editing and color grading the video. 3,225 minutes was spent in total to make a 8 minute and 7 second film. This is what I do, my name is Luke Huxham and I make films.

So follow me as I spend a day with the RWB family and please enjoy this film. If you would like to contact me about working together on future projects you can find my details below.


Email : wearedrift@gmail.com
Phone : 090 6129 3399
International : +81 90 6129 3399
FaceBook : facebook.com/driftcolors


j vimeo.com/25449887

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