Here's a new MoGraph Effector I patched together :
The d_PolySize Effector rescales MoGraph clones that are being cloned onto a Polygonal Object, based on the Surface Area of the individual Polygons.

It's an extremely simple idea, but it's very useful.
Almost shocking that this wasn't possible previously with the standard MoGraph tools.

You can download a c4d-file containing the Effector on

The video walks you through how the d_PolySize Effector works, what the controls do, how to use it with MoGraph Weight Transform, and it shows you an important limitation and the workaround.

- To be used with a MoGraph Cloner in Object Mode, Distribution set to Polygon Center.
- It's a Coffee Effector, so you need at least R12.
- It works in combination with the standard Effectors (= MoGraph Weight ).
- Using a lot of Polygons and experiencing slow Viewport Playback ? It's MoGraph, so the MoGraph Cache Tag works just fine.

Easy future access ?
Save the d_PolySize Effector as an Object Preset to quickly load it from the Content Browser ("User / Objects" Folder) or from the Object Manager's File Menu.

credits to Sandi Dolšak and Nick Woolridge for the Surface Calculation Math, and to Sataneev for the challenge ( )

Hope you have a lot of fun with it. Let me know if you do.
Glad I can share this with you.


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