BassAwards 2015 Winner
Best Explanatory Video - SILVER

15 years ago, media seemed to be static... Today with the consolidation of electronic media, social and professional networks, media is alive and needs to reflect authentic human touch.

In our screens, there has been a change: advertising and branding are alive. Their efficaciousness allows consumers to belong to a group. Media grant power of decision to millions of people who click any device. This new power invites brands to become the changing factor: create a name capable of hosting dreams, wishes, pleasures and new experiences.


We understand this change because we are part if it. We know that consumers seek transcendence when purchasing, since they seek to become part of the brand. Our purpose is to transcend too: create cherishing moments, unique experiences and unforgettable memories.

We want to share our commitment and passion for this project by becoming part of your life experience, with our senses on the alert, sensitivity and our empathy towards the human touch.

Our goal is to provide the best product, giving a superior quality to that of the competitors. We do so by providing innovative pieces, which can actually place a brand as an industry leader. We invest a considerable amount of resources in the generation of ideas and the quest for new solutions, with passion and commitment but also implementing a fast commercialisation, and new and efficient proposals. This makes us grow professionally, and makes us smile. Three mottos of our professional practice are:



Voice off – Alethia Alfonso
Sound design – Alberto Justiniani


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