Somoene challenged me to shoot something on the 7D without the aid of high-quality lenses.

I shot this entire video using a $20 plastic Nikon 24-80mm 3.5-4 lens that I had lying around. This lens is awful, It's not sharp, it's impossible to focus, and it's entirely made out of plastic! the bokeh doubles everything so when someone goes out of focus it looks like there are two silhouettes. This lenses' favorite thing to do is focus way way way past infinity make absolutely nothing in focus! Then if you decide to zoom at all on the lens everything goes way out of focus.

The goal of this video is to test the 7D, test my composition skills, and test out this really really really crappy lens I have.

Let me know what you think!

If anyone has any more video challenges for me I am very interested!


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