I was trying to come up with a video for Autism Month, but as I worked on this video I realized it was pulling me in a different direction. All I kept thinking was from the pictures I had chosen I didn’t see autism in my son. I see a beautiful baby boy growing up to be a beautiful godly man. So I’ve decided to share with you a different video.

I remembered the moment I was told I was pregnant with Christopher. The nurse told me not to be too excited because the pregnancy was weak and my body would more than likely terminate my pregnancy. I remember I smiled as I said to her, “But you don’t understand, I already love my baby, my baby has my heart.” I never thought I could love my Christopher any more than I did that day – but I have and I do!

God chose to bless me with the privilege of being Christopher’s mom. We have been on a journey full of pain, challenges, heartbreak, progress, joy and faith. When I got past the hurt, the pain and the doubts, I started to see all the beauty in my life, the gifts, the blessings, love. I realized God had not forgotten about me, I had been the one moving away from Him, thinking I had been left to do this on my own. By giving me Christopher, God gave me strength and He calmed my fears. Christopher gives me strength, Christopher calms my fears.

I was baptized in 2009. I cried as I was being submersed thinking of the things I had done in my life when I was weak and lost faith, such a heavy load. The second I came up I breathed a new life and I literally felt washed by the water. Again, I was reminded that even when I am weak, I am not alone. Christopher was baptized on December 18, 2011 - his Grandpa's birthday. Child-like faith – is so strong – through so many of his procedures and illnesses, Christopher never gave up, never turned bitter, instead he always prayed "Thank you Jesus for all my blessings." When we were leaving the hospital during his 9 day stay, a balloon he was given with the message “I Love You” got loose and flew away – Christopher stood up to see it fly away and said “Go to Jesus.”

Through all of his trials he has never stopped smiling. I love how you can see him smiling even with his surgical mask on! When I look at the pictures, I see an amazing child who has hit quite a few bumps in the road and had some very hard obstacles to face but has conquered and knocked down walls. Christopher always comes back stronger! How could he not be so strong - he has an army of people who love him so much – love that makes him stronger.

God has been carrying us through this awesome journey. We could not make it through this journey without Him, nor without you. You have been there for us, every one of you – you, and you, and you! Each one of you has touched our hearts in your own special way. We are never alone.

From the bottom of our hearts, we say “Thank You.” I hope you enjoy the video.

Yolanda and Christopher

You were there
You were always there
It was You and I
You've been walking with me all this time

j vimeo.com/40726801

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