The Stash latin America Book + DVD launching spot is a trip inside Latin America’s ancient soul. We enter the depths of a surreal creature which remains to Incas’ culture totemic designs. At the end of the journey we find the hidden Stash, a jewel of pure explosive energy. This is the creative energy of the most outstanding Latin American animation, design & VFX studios.

Stash Media:

Stash Latin America: Book + DVD Now Available:

Stash Latin America features work from 35 Animation, VFX & Design studios from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and México.

Directed by Flamboyant Paradise

Sound Design: Noroeste Música y Sonido

Directors: Antoine Quairiat - Javier Lourenço

Executive Producer: Guido Rutenberg

Producer: Mechi Serrano

3D Team: Nahuel Belich, Eugenio Pignataro, Alejandro Agrasar
Compositors: Antoine Quairiat - Guillermo Salerno
Client Supervisor: Stephen Price, Aixa Rocca, Valentina Vescovi


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