One of six artworks for the collaborative exhibition »blank« of Felix Weinold and lab binaer at the »Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus« in Augsburg.

In word processing, for many generations of computers the blinking line has been used used as a placeholder for (yet) nothing. The formal shape, as well as the behaviour of a neon tube when getting turned on, is strongly reminiscent of this placeholder.

In our piece of work for every tube a sensor recognizes the state of glowing constantly and reacts by turning it off and immediately back on again. Over time out of virtually nothing a very complex animation caused by technical chance emerges, even though the tubes have been turned on at the same time,

Neon tubes, light fixtures, ballasts, sinkers, photo sensors, mdf- plates, cables
280 × 500 × 100 cm (H × W × D)


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