Here is a tutorial geared towards beginners on creating a camera rig that can be used for a basic storyboarding / animatic workflow in Adobe After Effects. I have adapted the camera rig developed by Maltaanon for my purposes and his camera rig video is really worth watching (while made for CS3, it is still worth watching, especially if you are interested in using a simple camera rig for motion graphics). You can find it here:

Other camera rig / 3D resources worth looking at include:

3D Widgets at
Skydome at
Sure Target at
Create An Animatic Tutorial at
Breath of Life Tutorial series:
A whole slew of links can be found at Camera Difficulties and Rigs in After Effects:
Storyboarding on the iPad:

The link to the photo stock exchange mentioned in the video is

The link to scrivener is
This is really a great piece of writing software and well worth your time to download and test out the demo.
The link to Storyboard Pro is
Vimeo Video School on Storyboarding:

You can download the project file for this video at (again, thanks to for hosting the file!)


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