A very rough edit of HD footage (D7000 50mm & 28mm, Kodak Flip) mixed with external audio and still images (D700) just to check everything is working as should be.

I gave Tilney1 a Kodak Flip so he could film footage and some of his recordings appear here inter-cut with with his writing and art.

These clips are moving image sketches as I feel and find my way through how to best present the recorded information.

The final version will run to approx 30mins and feature heavily the recorded dialogue, interviews with Tilney1 to try and capture how he copes with a mind frequently stuck in 'memory loops' as a result of his Schizotypal/Obsessive illness.

If you appreciate how this project is moving forward please donate via Tip Jar as that's paying for my monthly Plus subscription here on Vimeo and enabling the sharing of longer footage. Thanks!.

j vimeo.com/59691456

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