LTTC on Sustainable Development
“Hand in hand for a sustainable future!”
3rd – 11th July 2010
Monsaraz, Alentejo, Portugal

Just as mankind has the power to push the world to the brink, we also have the power to bring back the balance! Let us work hand in hand and be active for a sustainable future!

 Structure and objectives of the TC

1st step: Preparation of the participants through e-learning community and Training Course on the topic, taking place in Portugal, Alentejo, 2nd – 11th July 2010
2nd step: Implementation of Projects and Coaching Phase (Run from the end of the 1st step until the evaluation in 2011)
3rd step: Evaluation meeting of the implementation and coaching phase, in September 2011

Aim: Reflect on all necessary components to implement a sustainable development process

• Learn about different approaches on sustainable development with a special focus on the Euro-Mediterranean area
• Give to E.U. and Meda youth organizations a real chance to create concrete and reliable projects, by creating and offering tools and technical support (coaching) to the participants on the preparation and different phases of their projects
• The participants will have the possibility to discover, to enquire and evaluate the realities and potentialities of the Alentejo region in Portugal, according to a sustainable development approach
• To share, propose and present outcomes, suggestions, ideas and recommendations with and for the local population and have in mind the future exploitation of outcomes back in their countries
• Explore the intercultural richness of the Euro-Mediterranean area
• Bring together youth organizations working in the field of sustainability, to get to know each other, to share their experiences and create a solid basis for future cooperation


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