This is a result of some exercises, which I done when try to learn scripting in Softimage. There are three scripts and ICE-compaunds:

1. PointToPoint script glue each vertex of an object to a the closest point of a source. This can be helpful for transferring movement of an objects (with skin, deformers and so on) to the similar clear object.

2. PointToTriangle script do the same, but each vertex glue to the closest triangle of a source. In this case a vertex don't change position in start moment and hold an offset. When a source is very lowPoly some triangle effect is visible.

3. PointTo4Triangles do the same as in previous case, but each vertex glue to four triangles (the closest triangle and three incident one). In the corresponding ICE-compaund there is a possibility to apply some smoothness of a deformation and enter the coefficient of the influence for non-close triangles. When parameter 'Value' is equal to 1 then only the closest triangle influence to a vertex. When this parameter is equal to 0.25 then all four triangles have an equal influence.

Each script at the beginning gather some information of objects and then apply corresponding ICE-compaund with necessary connections.

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