"Words Remain"
Written and Performed by Josh Garrels

Produced, Arranged, Recorded, Mixed, Filmed, and Edited by Mason Jar Music

Recorded and filmed live in an old church late at night.

Please listen with speakers or headphones.

Produced and mixed by Dan Knobler & Jon Seale
Arranged by Ian Davis & Kris Nolte
Conducted by Kris Nolte
Engineered by Dan Knobler, Alan Gordon, and Jacob Blumberg

Video Directed and Edited by Andrew Ellis
Filmed by Andrew Ellis and Sasha Aleksandra Arutyunova
Color by Alan Gordon

Mason Jar Music Logo by Sonya Dissin


Susan Mandel - Cello
Rick Quantz - Viola
Josh Henderson - Violin
Patti Kilroy - Violin
Pat Swoboda - Bass
Meryl Zimmerman, Cassie Kirk, and Justin Ballard - Choir
Heather Harz, Rose Rutledge - Flutes
Mike McCoy - Alto Flute
Matt Porter, Zack Rosen, John Bishop, David McTiernan, and Zubin Hensler - Bell Choir

Special Thanks to Matt Veligdan

For more info on Josh Garrels:

"Mason Jar Music Presents" is a video concert series inspired by the peacefulness and tranquility of the old buildings that continue to dot New York City's 21st-century landscape. These productions provide a setting and space for fresh, unique music with compelling arrangements that breathe new life into each song.

Each episode is dreamed up and brought to life wholly by the Mason Jar Music team. Songs are carefully selected from the artist’s repertoire and re-imagined with arrangements for strings, woodwinds and other assorted orchestral colors.

Mason Jar Music is a collective of music makers trained in production, arranging, composition and recording. They all live and work together in a residential studio in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to producing, recording and/or mixing records for a variety of artists, Mason Jar Music specializes in film scores, original music for film and television, concert videos, and other audio/visual productions.


j vimeo.com/16197810

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