This video is a promo for the documentary I am currently working on covering a twelve-day service trip to Haiti. On this trip, members of the Key West High School art program taught art workshops to over 500 Haitians and fed all of the participants after the workshops. I shot 150GB of footage in these twelve days, so the project is something that will take quite a bit of time, especially since I have my fall classes to take care of as well.

During the 2010-2011 school year, Key West High School art students hand painted 600 pairs of shoes, tie-dyed tee shirts, and collected other miscellaneous donations for the group to distribute during this summer's trip; however, complications caused by the Port Au Prince shipping company's attempt at extortion (they wanted us to pay $7,000 for our goods that we were donating to their own country) made it so that we were unable to distribute these goods while we were there. This situation is currently being taken care of and the goods will find their way to the hands of the children that deserve them with the help of several pastors that helped us along our journey.

This video is dedicated to Larry Murray, the wind beneath my wings; thank you for your unwavering support and exuberant encouragement.

The full documentary can be expected to be completed around mid-December.

The song heard is Pistach by Wyclef Jean.

Shot with a Canon T2i Rebel with a Canon EF Ultrasonic 24-75mm 2.4 lens


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